The regulatory arrangements of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and government Electrical Regulators aim to ensure that items of telecommunications, electrical and electronic equipment meet minimum mandatory technical standards and are appropriately labelled before supply.

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Telecommunications Equipment (RCM)

For Telecommunications equipment, the compliance testing must be performed by a Recognised Testing Authority (RTA) such as Comtest Laboratories Pty Ltd, and be appropriately labeled before being supplied and connected to a telecommunications network.

The technical standards are designed to protect the health and safety of users and operators of a telecommunications network or facility, protect the integrity of a telecommunications network or facility, ensure interoperability with a telecommunications network for the supply of a standard telephone service and ensure access to emergency call services.

Electrical/Electronic Products and Appliances (RCM)

All items of equipment must also meet the minimum mandatory technical standards for EMC Emissions, EMR (SAR – Human Exposure to RF energy) and RF Spectrum requirements.

ACMA Labelling

The various ACMA Labelling Notices identify applicable technical standards and the required compliance level for specific items. Australian manufacturers and importers of items, or their Australian authorised agents acting on behalf of manufacturers and importers (collectively referred to as ‘suppliers’), are required to label each item with an RCM compliance label.

Compliance Folder Management Pty Ltd can act as your Australian authorised agent.

Electrical Safety

The Essential Safety Requirements for Electrical Equipment (AS/NZS 3820) states that all electrical products imported or manufactured in Australia and New Zealand must be safe before supplying. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer or importer to ensure that the product meets the minimum safety requirements as defined in the relevant Australian or International Standards.

Testing must be performed on the product to prove compliance with the appropriate Australian or International standard. This testing can be performed by a NATA registered laboratory such as Comtest Laboratories Pty Ltd.