The compliance folder service is based on obtaining test reports for review and then advising of the steps necessary to meet the RCM compliance requirements for Australia (and possibly New Zealand).

Copies of test reports, circuit diagrams, user manuals, product brochures and specifications will be required for this process.


The services we provide include:

  1. Review existing test reports to determine they prove compliance for Australia and identifying where testing to the Australian Standards is not required.
  2. Determine any short fall in the compliance test reports provided.
  3. Provide a list of added testing required (if any).
  4. Deal directly with the manufacturing and regulatory groups of the product on matters of compliance and documentation.
  5. Provide details on other mandatory compliance matters and approvals for Australia.
  6. Assist with compliance information for New Zealand.
  7. Determine how products can be grouped together in the compliance folder to reduce the number of folders and costs.
  8. Prepare a compliance folder for Australia.
  9. Maintain and store the Australian compliance folders for the life of your product plus the 5 years after the product is removed from sale (ACMA requirement).
  10. Compliance Folder Management Pty Ltd, an Australian entity, take legal responsibility for compliance arrangements in Australia.
  11. Sign Declarations of Conformity for the RCM.
  12. Deal with the ACMA (Australian Government regulator) Audit and general enquiries regarding compliance matters, and
  13. Allow for a process to add or amend compliance arrangements as products are further developed or modified.


  1. Allows for the one compliance arrangement with many Australian importers and distributors
  2. Simplifies labelling requirements
  3. Removes responsibility to store and manage compliance folders in Australia

CFM Services - Australian Suppliers

1. Complete Service.
2. Partial Service.
3. Assistance in preparing the compliance folder.

CFM Services - International Suppliers

1. Complete Service.
2. Assistance for individual Australian distributors.