CFM Services

There are three options in the services provided by Compliance Folder Management Pty Ltd:


1. Complete Service

– Analyse Test Report requirements

– Audit and determine acceptability of Test Reports

– Prepare Compliance Folder and sign the Declaration of Conformity

– Provide ACMA RCM Registration

– Store and maintain the Compliance Folder

– Take legal and effective responsibility for ongoing compliance to Australian Standards for the compliance life of the product (supply period in Australia plus 5 years).

– Prepare Agency Agreement(s) with Australian Importer(s) in accordance with ACMA RCM requirements:

  • Establish contact and signatory parties with Australian Importer
  • Explain regulatory requirements and respond to questions from Australian Importer
  • Obtain agreement and arrange signing by Australian Importer’s representative
  • Update Compliance Folder to include agreement
  • Provide copy of Agency Agreement and Declaration of Conformity to Australian Importer for their records


2. Partial Service

– Prepare the Compliance Folder and the Declaration of Conformity

– Store the Compliance Folder at our premises

– Assist with product variations and design changes

– Assist with ACMA Audit matters

The key benefit to this option is that all Australian compliance matters are outsourced without providing the resources and training within your organisation.


3. Assistance in preparing the Compliance Folder

– Review the Test Reports

– Prepare the Compliance Folder

– Complete the Declaration of Conformity for the client to sign

– Compliance Folder is held and managed by the client

This option places the responsibility on the client for the ongoing compliance and management of the ACMA Compliance Folder to Australian standards.